Capital Market and Structured Finance

The firm “accompanies” businesses into the capital market, which is an evolved alternative to traditional financing sources. It has established partnerships with credit institutions.

Its team of qualified professionals upholds, recognised values.

  • Consolidated experience.

  • The firm provides complete and multidisciplinary expertise: advisor, legal and tax consulting, consulting for industrial plans and ratings, arranging credit institution partnerships and acting as an Arranger, Global Coordinator and Nomad.

  • Flexibility in final strategy approach and definition to obtain the best agreement in each situation.

The firm has 20 years of experience in assisting and serving companies in the most traditional national and international banking and financial sectors.

For Ordinary Finance.

  • Organisation of different types of short, medium and long term financing, in pools or individual institutions.

  • Assistance with processes that affect working capital.

  • Optimisation of the financial structure and assessment of new investments.

For Extraordinary Finance.

  • Assistance and support for acquisitions (M&A), assisting assessment, planning and implementation of leveraged buy-outs including LBO, MBO, FBO, MBI, bond issues (Bonds and Minibonds), feasibility studies and IPOs.

  • Raising of risk capital in partnership with private equity and distressed funds.

  • Assistance with joint ventures or entry into new markets.

  • Reorganisations of corporations and family interests.